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NSE : BANKBARODABSE : 532134ISIN CODE : INE028A01039Industry : Bank - PublicHouse : PSU
BSE197.25-0.4 (-0.2 %)
PREV CLOSE (Rs.) 197.65
OPEN PRICE (Rs.) 197.45
BID PRICE (QTY) 0.00 (0)
OFFER PRICE (QTY) 0.00 (0)
VOLUME 1564360
TODAY'S LOW / HIGH (Rs.)196.40 201.70
52 WK LOW / HIGH (Rs.)146.5 219.6
NSE197.10-0.3 (-0.15 %)
PREV CLOSE( Rs. ) 197.40
OPEN PRICE (Rs.) 197.85
BID PRICE (QTY) 197.10 (69379)
OFFER PRICE (QTY) 0.00 (0)
VOLUME 21558187
TODAY'S LOW / HIGH(Rs.) 196.35 201.80
52 WK LOW / HIGH (Rs.)146.5 219.65

Balance Sheet

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Share Capital10355.3410355.3410355.349253.755303.64
    Equity - Authorised30000.0030000.0030000.0030000.0030000.00
    Equity - Issued10370.0610370.0610370.069268.475318.37
    Equity Paid Up10342.7210342.7210342.729241.135291.03
    Equity Shares Forfeited12.6112.6112.6112.6112.61
    Adjustments to Equity0.
    Preference Capital Paid Up0.
    Face Value2.
Share Warrants & Outstandings0.
Total Reserves1040191.83908325.51813540.46751789.23494237.56
    Securities Premium314309.52314309.52426088.92382211.52161325.55
    Capital Reserves140640.62152235.67126991.7334351.7416497.38
    Profit & Loss Account Balances20862.7717867.84-96508.12-100574.3011094.02
    General Reserves0.
    Other Reserves564378.92423912.47356967.93435800.28305320.60
Reserve excluding Revaluation Reserve1040191.83908325.51813540.46690596.13448795.26
Revaluation Reserves0.000.000.0061193.1045442.30
    Demand Deposits1064000.36910700.49805843.75660619.74482301.03
    Savings Deposit3780789.043515514.903158208.192748354.641821200.70
    Term Deposits / Fixed Deposits7502030.616331829.015995046.176323307.114352385.13
    Current Deposits0.
    Recurring Deposits0.
    Other Deposits0.
    Borrowings From Reserve Bank of India24290.000.000.00457920.00275000.00
    Borrowings From Other Banks115918.9559846.41142435.3191937.8471191.13
    Borrowings From GOI0.
    Borrowings From Other Financial Institutions601793.02726107.21273018.3186492.0479301.85
    Borrowings in the form of Bonds / Debentures244719.40234035.23227315.55213900.00124180.00
    Borrowings in Other Form0.
    Borrowings From Out of India92380.1975272.2369864.21107277.11139002.34
Other Liabilities & Provisions772375.10621806.76526768.64544708.16298782.43
    Bills Payable41090.5840409.6127018.2921532.8519266.90
    Inter-office adjustment Liabilities24280.9716810.981502.5939190.5710831.25
    Interest Accrued56718.4544659.1344749.7251371.1938481.05
    Proposed Dividend28442.4914738.380.000.000.00
    Corporate dividend tax payable0.
    Other Liabilities & Provisions621842.60505188.66453498.04432613.55230203.23
Total Liabilities15258789.7313401370.8812026757.8711999421.368196719.45
Cash and balance with Reserve Bank of India566962.11727749.41401537.16342447.82282253.46
    Cash with RBI527637.45682087.11358382.66293568.27247664.05
    Cash in hand & others39324.6645662.3043154.4948879.5534589.41
Balances with banks and money at call456771.77574536.55885074.09967602.91696594.94
Investments in India3725087.643216096.192598859.652711815.481801684.27
    GOI/State Govt. Securities3223086.032799407.702306747.852469792.371616755.44
    Equity Shares - Corporate63002.0561826.3642117.0837377.4233715.79
    Debentures & Bonds301740.46228863.10187893.71122970.9785375.87
    Subsidiaries and/or joint ventures/Associates17238.4914526.5412483.0210658.439171.92
    Units - MF/ Insurance/CP/PTC0.
    Other Investments120020.61111472.5049617.9971016.3056665.26
Investments outside India249784.70259774.77219730.37185451.75155478.13
    Government securities175107.75162205.76136258.17114580.4097808.06
    Subsidiaries and/or joint ventures abroad1590.581202.52782.07484.741007.62
    Other investments outside India73086.3896366.4982690.1370386.6256662.45
    Less: Prov for Diminution in Value of Invest.
    Bills Purchased & Discounted337285.27231260.68217142.68331958.91264010.03
    Cash Credit, Over Draft & Loans repayable3278053.503051649.522893630.882718018.532079424.14
    Term Loans6021179.574689899.184121648.974015419.852498713.94
    Finance lease and hire purchase receivable0.
    Advances Others0.
Gross block244524.16238122.30204128.65203113.41142234.69
    Assets Given on Lease20123.2720091.7015233.120.000.00
    Other Fixed Assets99839.1794432.6086988.0182355.1658458.79
Less: Accumulated Depreciation155763.81137555.27123309.44112675.5770797.61
Less: Impairment of Assets0.
Net Block88760.35100567.0280819.2190437.8571437.08
Lease Adjustment0.
Capital Work in Progress807.601313.611350.160.000.00
Other Assets534097.22548523.95606964.72636268.27347123.46
    Inter-office adjustment Assets0.
    Interest Accrued Assets133103.2396689.2276197.5769955.5362566.09
    Tax paid in advance/TDS72869.4875456.6388458.5884366.0459935.20
    Stationery and stamps80.4684.5382.4793.5059.88
    Non-banking assets acquired0.
    Deferred tax asset66727.7094082.96102549.41145746.2674465.52
    Miscellaneous Expenditure not written off0.
    Assets Others261316.35282210.61339676.68336106.95150096.78
Total Assets15258789.7313401370.8812026757.8711999421.368196719.45
Contingent Liabilities5815680.544057921.354006738.573840364.243815434.93
    Claims not acknowledged as debts323678.00220992.56208032.65190101.7829266.59
    Outstanding forward exchange contracts3271993.671692132.082065223.051684783.452609445.32
    Guarantees given in India510043.74440879.66445891.03433185.58266440.94
    Guarantees given Outside India103953.5477044.0974244.5964903.8646096.99
    Acceptances, endorsements & other obligations312391.44295243.08266671.78261549.59227596.92
    Other Contingent liabilities1293620.141331629.88946675.491205839.97636588.18
Bills for collection679276.29649125.07653704.38522853.93492128.58
Book Value203.14177.65159.32151.46171.64
Adjusted Book Value203.14177.65159.32151.46171.64

Patel Wealth Advisors Pvt. Ltd. CIN : U93000GJ2015PTC083661

SEBI Reg. No. for NSE/BSE, CM/F&O/Currency/Commodity Derivatives Segments : INZ000018432

SEBI Reg. No. for MCX : INZ000018432

BSE Member ID : 6626  NSE Member ID : 90074 , MCX Member ID : 55510

SEBI Reg. No. NSDL DP - IN-DP-251-2016, DP ID : IN304131


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Prefunded Instruments

We shall not accept from clients pre-funded instruments in settlement of financial obligations. Clients shall have to discharge their financial obligations by transferring funds from their own bank accounts (which should be mapped with us in their respective client master) to our client Bank Accounts. Any fund transfer from bank accounts other than those of clients or any bank account not mapped with us by clients shall not be accepted by us as valid discharge of their financial obligations.


Investor Grievances

We have provided for an e-mail id (which is published in KYC and also on our website) to which the clients can escalate their grievances. All the mails received in this e-mail id are attended to by the compliance officer. It is our policy to resolve all customer complaints within a maximum period of seven days from the date of receipt. Our KYC and website also mention e-mail ids of NSE,BSE,NSDL, and SEBI to which clients can escalate their grievances in case their grievances are not redressed by us.


New Circulation Policy

None other than our Senior Research Analyst is allowed to pass on any market related news and developments. This way we safeguard against spread of rumors and unsubstantiated news items among our clients and associates. Even as our Senior Research Analyst disseminates any news item with a brief analysis of its impact, the investors are any-way cautioned that they must exercise their best judgment while acting on any news and/or recommendation propagated by our Research Team.


Risk Management Policy

We set the limits for client’s exposure based on client’s credit balance in ledger account and value of client’s collaterals (in the form of shares/securities, bank guarantees, fixed deposit receipts etc.) subject to such hair-cut on shares/securities as may be prescribed by SEBI or at our sole discretion. We define such exposure limit either at client level or for each security depending upon client’s risk profile, trading pattern, market trend or any such other factor at our sole discretion. We accept or refuse any security or collateral as margin from any client and any decision by us in this regard shall be binding on the client. We do an on-line surveillance/monitoring of client exposure vis–a-vis the margin deposited by the client concurrent with the client’s trading. Any deficit/shortfall in the margin deposit shall have to be made up by the client on an immediate basis before the client’s pending orders are allowed to migrate to stock exchange’s trading platform. In case of failure of client to replenish the margin as required, the pending orders and further orders of the client shall not be allowed for execution.



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